For the most part, this chapter contains information that is now in our rearview.  What was future in Daniel’s day is now ancient history, at least until we get to verse 36.  From verses 1-20, the prophecy covers 355 years of history from the fall of the Persian empire to the rise of Alexander the Great.  It foretold of how his empire would be parceled out to his four generals, two of whom become subject of focus in the text—Ptolemy and Seleucus.  Their successors then will fight one another over control of territory which included the land of Israel.  From verses 21-35, the prophecy zooms in on one of those Seleucid kings whom history knows as Antiochus Epiphanes. When we get to the end of verse 35, there is a transition in the biblical text as the angel tells Daniel of something that will happen at the time of the end.  Daniel is then shown something that will be fulfilled in the distant future as it concerns the future man of sin known as the Antichrist.