Biblical hope is not hope in the sense of mere optimism or a positive outlook.  The biblical word speaks of a profound certainty.  The hope of the believer is a resurrection hope.  It is a hope that centers on one explosive event—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Without the the resurrection, life would have no hope and no meaning.  Darkness would prevail and death would be enthroned. There is no gospel without the resurrection. Here in this text, the apostle Paul shows us how the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an indisputable fact of history, as well as the guarantee of our own future bodily resurrection.  In 1 Corinthians 15:12-19, Paul presents the Corinthian church with a hypothetical situation in which he imagines the resurrection were not true.  If there is no resurrection, if it were all just a bunch of make believe, then several things would be tragically true.  Paul mentions at least six terrible consequences were there no resurrection.