You are familiar with the expression, ‘turning point.’  Generally speaking, a turning point refers to a decisive moment in a person’s life where he makes a decision that sets their life on a particular trajectory.  It is a decisive situation after which a shift or change occurs, either for the better or for the worse. Life is full of turning points.  They are those rare occasions when you stand at a crossroads.  Moments when you have to make a decision, and that decision will forever change your trajectory. Exodus 2 will describe a decisive ‘turning point’ for the people of Israel who are in Egypt, but those suffering under the oppressive hand of Pharaoh didn’t recognize it as such.  They would not know it for long time.  Unbeknownst to that generation, a baby is born in those days under difficult circumstances.  And that baby is Moses, the very one whom God would eventually raise up as the deliverer of His people.  Before he will ever be a useful instrument in the hand of God, Moses will have to be enrolled in the school of pain.  Through what proves to become a major turning point in his own life, Moses will learn some very valuable lessons that will remain with him throughout the remainder of his days.

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