This passage marks a major ‘turning point’ in the history of Israel who, up until this time, have been in Egypt and are suffering under the heavy hand of Pharaoh. Jacob and his family had gone down to Egypt where they stay for 400 years. Faithful to His promise, God multiplies their number so that they are a mighty nation of people. A new Pharaoh had come to power who did not know what Joseph had done, and he sees the Israelites as a growing threat. He forces them into slavery and tries to control the number. He demands that all sons born to these Hebrews be drowned in the Nile River. The fortunes of Israel are about to change, for Moses’ life is a fulcrum upon which a new chapter of freedom would open. His birth marks a turning point for Israel. And yet, Exodus 2 will also mark a turning point in the life of Moses.

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