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Midweek Study Notes

From God to Us, part 7

I want us to spend the next couple of weeks looking at how the Bible came all the way from manuscript to me, to this nice English translation that I hold in my hand.  The processes that we will consider are known as transmission and translation.  These words describe the process by which various scribesContinue reading

From God to Us, part 6

Over the last two Wednesday nights, we’ve been considering the subject of canonicity which simply refers to how we know that we have the right books.  The word ‘canonicity’ means rule or standard of measurement.  Over time, the word ‘canon’ also came to mean a catalog or list—used in this case to describe the authoritativeContinue reading

From God to Us, part 5

You’re familiar with the phrase ‘rule of faith.’  The rule of faith is the standard of sound doctrine.  Over time, ‘canon’ also came to mean a catalog or list—used in this case to describe the authoritative list of books that make up the Bible.  In our study thus far, we’ve considered doctrines such as revelationContinue reading

From God to Us, part 4

What do we even mean when we refer to the ‘canon’ of Scripture? The canon of Scripture is the list of all the books that belong in the Bible, the list of books recognized as those worthy to be included in the Old and New Testaments.  The word ‘canon’ comes from the ancient world andContinue reading

From God to Us, part 3

Truly, there is no book in human history that has been more treasured than the Bible.  And yet at the same time, there is also no book that has been attacked more than the Bible.  It is divine in its origin, and the spiritual forces of darkness that want to keep humanity in darkness opposeContinue reading

From God to Us, part 2

No other book on earth can compare with the Bible.  It stands alone from all the other books that have ever been written because it alone is the very Word of God with the power to transform individual lives and entire cultures.  It is the truth of God that has been revealed by God toContinue reading

From God to Us, part 1

In an ultimate sense, the Bible itself is our map.  The psalmist said that God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  Sound doctrine simply sums up the teaching of the Bible.  It synthesizes whatever the Bible has to say about any given topic, whether it is a topicContinue reading