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Our Ascended Lord

As you read through the book of Acts, you will notice that the fact of Christ’s ascension to the Father was a major part of the message the apostles preached.  The apostolic message was not simply that Christ died for our sins.  The message always involved His death, resurrection, and His ascension.  If He isn’tContinue reading

God’s Agenda For the Church

Within the first serveral verses, we discover the agenda that God has in mind for the church.  It has been said that the church of Jesus Christ is the only organization in the world that exists for the benefit of those who are not part of it.  Let that sink in.  The church is God’sContinue reading

A Continuing Story

The book of Acts is unique in the New Testament in that it is a history book that spans approximately three decades and records the early history of the church. If we truly want to impact our world with the gospel, it is important that we take a fresh look at this book of theContinue reading

A Baby That Brought Redemption

What we find in the book of Ruth is a miniature picture of the grace of God and His providential working to accomplish His plan.  Centuries before Christ was born, the plan of God centered around two widows who came to Bethlehem from the country of Moab.  As far as history is concerned, it wasContinue reading

The Bethlehem Redeemer

Micah prophesied hundreds of years before the birth of Christ that it would be in Bethlehem where the Everlasting Light would make His entrance into this world of darkness. God’s providence would see to it that our Redeemer be born in the little town of Bethlehem.  You see, the providence of God often goes unnoticed. Continue reading

Finding Grace in Bethlehem

Ruth is a story of grace and redemption, and it all takes place in the little town of Bethlehem centuries before the birth of Christ.  It is the story of how a Gentile girl with a troubled background meets a redeemer and comes to find salvation and blessing in the God of Israel. The handContinue reading

When Life Becomes Bitter

God is working through the circumstances of Naomi’s life to bring her back to Bethlehem.  In His providence, the Lord was working out His plan, but Naomi couldn’t see it at the time.  All she had known from the previous decade was the pain of hardship.  Life for her had become bitter. Before we lookContinue reading

The Valley of Decision

Though it is very small and consists of only four chapters and 85 verses, the book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful stories ever written.  It is a love story.  It is a story of redemption and grace.  It is a story that takes place against the dark backdrop of the days ofContinue reading

Grace In An Unlikely Place

One of the wonderful truths about God that is revealed in His Word and evident throughout history is His divine providence.  It simply means that He is always working out the details of His sovereign plan even when we can’t see it.  According to His providence, God works all things together for the good ofContinue reading

The Christian and the Law, part 3

We’ve been in this chapter over the last couple of weeks.  Within this chapter, the apostle Paul deals with the subject of Christians and their relationship to the law of God.  He uses the word ‘law’ some 23 times in this chapter.  It is an explanation of the statement he makes in chapter 6 whereContinue reading


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