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A Preview of Coming Atrocities

Man’s kingdoms are destined to come crashing down, and only the kingdom of Christ will last.  That theme is found here in this last section of Daniel 10-12.  It traces in greater detail the flow of the future already outlined in chapters 2 and 8.  Ultimately, it shows us how it will one day culminateContinue reading

Making Sense of the Struggle

Have you ever wrestled over the subject of conflict in our world and wondered where it all is coming from?  Nearly everyone recognizes that something is wrong in the world, and many are looking for someone to blame.  There is no shortage of answers when it comes to offering some kind of an explanation forContinue reading

An Invisible War, pt 2

Let’s take our Bibles and turn once again to the tenth chapter of Daniel, a passage that we began to look at last Sunday.  Daniel 10 is a strange and remarkable passage of Scripture that has much to teach us about the subject of spiritual warfare and the reality of angels.  This text is aContinue reading

An Invisible War, pt 1

Daniel 10 is a passage that will help us understand that life is hard for believers, it will explain why it is hard, but it will also remind us that we are not alone in our struggles.  If we truly understand this passage, it will keep us from facing life unprepared. It is part ofContinue reading

God’s Prophetic Clock

The ninth chapter of Daniel is a passage that deals with the future.  Specifically, it deals with the future of Israel and the way it fits in the overall redemptive plan that God has for humanity.  It is a prophecy known as ‘the seventy weeks.’  Not weeks in the sense of days, but in theContinue reading

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, pt 2

Take your Bible and be finding your place with me once more in the ninth chapter of Daniel.  I want to return to this passage at the close of Daniel 9, a passage that is one of the most important prophecies in all of the Bible. While he was in Babylon, Daniel was studying prophecyContinue reading

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, pt 1

The last four verses of Daniel 9 record what, in many ways, is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of prophecy, a key to understanding the big picture of God’s plan for the ages.  Many have referred to this passage as the ‘backbone’ of Bible prophecy.  It is one of the most remarkable and specific passages that areContinue reading

Answers to Prayer

If you have your Bible, let me invite you to turn with me once more to the ninth chapter of Daniel.  After a few brief weeks of being away, I want to pick back up in our study through Daniel.  One of the greatest and most wonderful truths we are taught in Daniel is thatContinue reading

The Prayer of Daniel, pt 1

Our study through Daniel now brings us to what has to be one of the most important chapters in all of the Bible as it relates to the subject of prayer.  Within this passage, you and I are privileged to eavesdrop on a man of God who is down on his knees.  And this isContinue reading

The Prayer of Daniel, pt 2

If you have your Bible, let me invite you to turn with me once more to the ninth chapter of Daniel. This morning, I want us to pick up where we left off as we began looking at the prayer of Daniel that is recorded in the first half of this chapter.  The seventeenth centuryContinue reading


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