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Any Old Bramble Will Do

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, but it is God who makes the difference.  He doesn’t take delight in a man’s strength, but delights in the one who is keenly aware of his need for God’s grace. That is something we learn in the early chapters of Exodus involving the life of Moses.  AsContinue reading

The Turning Point, pt 2

This passage marks a major ‘turning point’ in the history of Israel who, up until this time, have been in Egypt and are suffering under the heavy hand of Pharaoh. Jacob and his family had gone down to Egypt where they stay for 400 years. Faithful to His promise, God multiplies their number so thatContinue reading

The Turning Point, pt 1

You are familiar with the expression, ‘turning point.’  Generally speaking, a turning point refers to a decisive moment in a person’s life where he makes a decision that sets their life on a particular trajectory.  It is a decisive situation after which a shift or change occurs, either for the better or for the worse.Continue reading

A Baby in a Basket

Exodus 2 shows us how God moves in history.  It reminds us of how there is a divine purpose behind human events.  Things happen, but nothing ever just happens.  From the fall of the tiniest raindrop to the fall of the mightiest empire, all is under the providential control of God.  After four long centuriesContinue reading

Experience Without Explanation

It is not God’s design to remove us as His children from all painful experience while in the world.  Painful experiences will often come our way in this life, and we won’t have any explanation as to why they do.  However, we have been given something far better than explanations—we’ve been given promises.  And thoseContinue reading

Exodus: A Journey of Freedom

The book of Exodus is about a ‘journey of freedom.’  It is the story of a nation of people who, as the book begins, are initially flourishing in Egypt but then come under heavy oppression.  By the time the book ends, they are on the move toward a land of their own, with God leadingContinue reading

Resurrection Victory

If you have your Bible, turn with me there once more, a chapter that we have been studying since Easter Sunday, several weeks back.  The central theme of this chapter is the resurrection, both of Jesus Christ and the believer who is united to Him through faith.  Within the chapter, Paul makes the point thatContinue reading

Resurrection Upgrade

Take your Bible and be finding your place in 1 Corinthians 15, a chapter that we have been working our way through over the last several weeks.  The central theme of this chapter is the resurrection, both of Christ and the Christian.  The gospel is a resurrection gospel, which means we resurrection hope.  That ChristContinue reading

Resurrection Incentive

I invite you to turn in your Bible to 1 Corinthians 15 once again.  We’ve been in a study of this powerful chapter as it deals with the subject of the resurrection.  The exciting truth of Christianity is that it is a ‘resurrection’ faith.  It is a supernatural life that is dependent upon the resurrectionContinue reading

Resurrection Guarantee, pt 2

Let’s turn once again in our Bibles to the fifteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians.  It is a wonderful chapter that deals with the doctrine of the resurrection, which is a doctrine that is fundamental to Christianity.  It was a truth that was being attacked by some in Corinth who denied the resurrection of the bodyContinue reading


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