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Trivial Pursuit

The words trivial and trivia can be traced back to a Latin noun meaning “a place where three roads meet.” In time, it also came to mean “of little worth or importance.”  This is the main meaning of the word today. By this definition, the expression ‘trivial pursuit’ obviously refers to more than a boardContinue reading

Life Under the Sun

No matter where a person looks, no matter what direction he or she turns, there is no lasting satisfaction to be found—at least not in the temporal things of life.  The reason is that we’ve been made for eternity.  That is why only the eternal glory of God can fulfill the eternal void in theContinue reading

Glory That Satisfies

Last week, I began a series of messages on contentment and the search for happiness that is found in the heart of every human being.  No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, I can guarantee that you have a desire on the inside of you to be happy.  Where does itContinue reading

An Invitation to Satisfaction

There are plenty of synonyms for the word in the English language, words such as happiness, joy, satisfaction, pleasure.  Perhaps  contentment is the best word because it is descriptive of the state of your heart more than it is the state of your emotions.  Our emotions may fluctuate given our circumstances, but our contentment levelContinue reading

The GOAT, part 3

Of all those who came to John to be baptized as a symbol of their repentance, there was only One who came who had no sin to repent of.  The apex of John’s ministry is his baptism of Jesus.  The idea is almost as hard for us to understand as it was for John.  NotContinue reading

The GOAT, part 2

Jesus had nothing but words of praise for John and the way that he lived his life.  He was strange and far from the ordinary.  His ministry and manner of life were so odd that it got the attention of his generation.  Of course, this was by design, because God wanted to show people whatContinue reading

The GOAT, part 1

In the world of sports, there is debate centered around someone who is often referred to as ‘The G.O.A.T.”—the greatest of all time. God’s definition of greatness is vastly different from the world’s. Enter the life of John the Baptist.  Jesus made a powerful statement about his life —“I tell you, among those born ofContinue reading

State of the Church, part 3

If we’re all going to link arms this year and embrace the mission of sharing Jesus with our neighbors like never before, then I want to spend some time this morning talking you through what it will involve.  I realize that many of you have never had a one-on-one conversation with someone about Christ.  Sure,Continue reading

State of the Church, part 2

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State of the Church, part 1

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