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Wisdom and Its Benefits

In chapter 7 of Ecclesiastes, the Preacher emphasizes the importance of wisdom.  From here to the end of chapter 12, he uses the words ‘wise’ and ‘wisdom’ some 35 times, which is more than twice as many times as it is found in the first six chapters.  He uses those words around 18 times inContinue reading

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Take your Bible and be finding your place in Ecclesiastes 7.  We are continuing in our study of the book written by King Solomon of Israel and its overall theme of how satisfaction isn’t found under the sun but in God.  As we come to this seventh chapter, Solomon now turns from the subject ofContinue reading

Money Matters, part 2

Solomon recognizes that a person can have an abundance of wealth and still lack the power to enjoy it and see it in its proper light.  Rather than enjoying it, they are enslaved by it.  They may drive a brand new vehicle, wear the latest fashions, and have the greatest stuff that money can buy,Continue reading

Money Matters, part 1

Take your Bible and be finding your place in the fifth chapter of Ecclesiastes.  No matter what century, no matter what place and time, there is a characteristic that seems to be true of every generation of humanity and it is this—people are interested in accumulating wealth.  People want to make money.  In 1848, itContinue reading

Worship Essentials

Ecclesiastes is a remarkable book that shows us how true happiness, lasting contentment, or real satisfaction cannot be found under the sun, but only in Christ.  We find life, not in the pursuit of temporary things in life, but by losing our lives for Christ’s sake.  It is only as we delight in Him thatContinue reading

One Is the Loneliest Number

This passage we’ve come to in our study of Ecclesiastes is a wonderful treatment on the importance of friendship and the value that other people bring to our lives.  For the past couple of chapters, Solomon has been weighing life in the balance.  He has considered life ‘under the sun’ and has come to theContinue reading

When Life Isn’t Fair, part 2

I want you to open your Bible with me to the fourth chapter of Ecclesiastes, where we will read from the first six verses.  I want to speak to you from the subject, “When Life Isn’t Fair.”  Have you ever felt that way before?  Sure you have.  Perhaps you were mistreated by another person, orContinue reading

When Life Isn’t Fair, part 1

From the earliest years of our childhood, we had our own perception of whether or not something was ‘fair.’  Right?  I mean, you have more than likely made this statement at some point in your life: “It’s just not fair!”  You felt like you were getting the short end of the stick, the raw endContinue reading

From Grave to Glory

The truth that Jesus conquered the grave is what gives confidence to our lives.  It is what serves as the impetus in our mission.  For this reason, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the lynchpin of Christianity.  Without it, we would have no gospel.  Nor would we have any hope for life beyond death.  IfContinue reading

The God of Time & Eternity

Stewardship of life demands that we know what time it is, and this is largely the message of this third chapter of Ecclesiastes.  The word ‘time’ is mentioned on 31 separate occasions in this chapter.  Though we have eternity in our hearts, we are time bound creatures.  We are born with a longing for anotherContinue reading


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