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Living By Faith

Habakuk was man who was burdened for his generation.  He longed for God to send revival.  Something had to be done to address society’s ills, yet it bothered him that heaven remained silent.  He could not understand why God seemed to let His people persist in their sin.  And so when we are first introducedContinue reading

A Puzzled Prophet and a Sovereign God

One of the arguments that skeptics of the faith will often appeal to is what some have referred to as ‘the problem of evil.’  Basically, if God is as good as the Bible says He is and if He is all-powerful, why does the world seem to be in such a mess?  Why does evilContinue reading

O Lord, How Long?

The little book of Habakkuk consists of only three chapters, but it contains a powerful message.  One commentator has said that it begins with gloom, but ends with glory.  It starts out on a sour note, but it ends on a sweet note.  The first chapter begins with the prophet weeping, but the last chapterContinue reading

Hope In Times of Crisis

Dealing with a pandemic crisis on this scale may be a first for us, but it is not a first for the church of God.  The church has been faced with far more severe situations, such as persecution.  That was the case for the believers to whom Peter wrote two different letters. It is interestingContinue reading

God’s Power to Change Lives

A testimony of a changed life is a powerful thing, and every believer has one.  Your testimony is the story of how Jesus Christ has saved you and changed you and made you new.  The details of my testimony will be different than the details of your testimony, but there is a common thread thatContinue reading

Outward Proof of Inward Life

A lot of people claim to be Christians, but their works don’t always line up with their words.  They may be professors of the faith, but have never been true possessors of the faith.  Not everyone who claims faith in Jesus Christ actually knows Him in a personal and saving way.  If the Spirit ofContinue reading

Marks of a Spirit-filled Fellowship

The church in Acts is a Spirit-filled fellowship made up of men and women whose lives have been transformed by the power of God.  What is true of the church cannot be explained in human terms, nor can it be manufactured by man.  Rather, the fellowship of the church as described here in Acts 2Continue reading

Peter’s Sermon at Pentecost

Here in Acts 2 we read about the very first Christian sermon that was preached.  It was a sermon preached by Peter on the day of Pentecost.  We all know that Peter was an imperfect vessel, yet the words of his sermon contained in this text are far from imperfect because they are the veryContinue reading

Power at Pentecost

Jesus told His disciples that though He was leaving them, He would send them a sign that He was alive, even though they couldn’t see Him.  He promised to send the Holy Spirit.  And the passage of Scripture that we are going to look at this morning gives us the account of the Spirit’s arrivalContinue reading

Keys to Knowing God’s Will

Within this passage, the disciples return to Jerusalem after having witnesses the Lord’s ascension into heaven.  They enter into the upper room where they have been meeting to pray and wait.  Luke will mention the disciples by name, as well as the fact that they are joined by several others.  The text reveals that theyContinue reading


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