The book of Genesis tells us that Jacob went on to have 12 sons, and none of them was more special to him than those that were his by Rachel–Joseph and Benjamin.  Of all the characters of the Old Testament, perhaps none points us to Jesus any more than Joseph does.  His story is one of both tragedy as well as triumph, of sorrow and affliction as well as vindication.

Aside from the earlier mention of his birth, we are not fully introduced to Joseph until Genesis 37 where we read of the special love his father Jacob has for him.  This is demonstrated by the little coat of many colors that Jacob had given to him, which he proudly wore, much to the chagrine of his brothers.  Joseph’s brothers were jealous and grew to hate him because he was so beloved by his father.  Their hatred is vividly seen in their betrayal of him.  They plot and scheme against him and sell him into slavery.  Joseph eventually ended up in Egypt where he was falsely accused, condemned, and shockingly exalted.  Sound familiar?  The narrative moves away from him in chapter 38 and focuses on a sordid ordeal in the life of Judah, but right back to him in chapter 39.  His integrity is seen in stark contrast to his older brother Judah’s lack of it.  Despite being falsely accused in the house of Potiphar, and being forgotten by those he served in prison, there is an important phrase used several times throughout these chapters–“The Lord was with Joseph.”  His brothers had betrayed him, others had condemned him, and his so-called friends had abandoned him, but the Lord had not forgotten him.  Down in the dungeon of Egypt, Joseph was out of sight, but he was not forgotten!

Whenever you begin to feel alone and forgotten, remember that Jesus was forsaken so that you could be forgiven.  Even though life may get tough at times, you are never alone, and you are never forgotten.