James 1:26-27

One of the biggest concerns during World War 2 had to do with the presence of German U-boats that posed a threat to our American Naval warships.  Sailors and servicemen were instructed to be very hush hush about the whereabouts of our naval fleets.  There was even a series of posters printed up and distributed around the country with this slogan—“Loose Lips Sink Ships!”  The British had their own version of this poster which said, “Careless Talk Costs Lives.” Well, James says something very similar at the end of chapter 1 as he takes up the subject of unguarded speech and unrestrained lips.

When the truth of Scripture is saturating my mind and heart, and when I am hearing and reading with the intention to obey, it will lead to an outward demonstration that others will indeed see. One of the ways that it will be evident in my life is through restrained speech. When the Word is richly dwelling in my life as a disciple, my tongue will be characterized by self-control and my heart and hands will be characterized by sincere compassion. God’s Spirit produces the fruit of Christ-like character, and it always shows up through our words and deeds.

You’ve heard it said that “sticks and stones break bones, but words can never hurt me.” That’s not true, friend. Broken bones heal. Yet the insults, slander, and lies that people carelessly say with ‘loose lips’ cut deeply. Be careful with your words!

For more, read Ecclesiastes 5:2