This morning, we come to the last chapter in Daniel, which is chapter 12.  The last three chapters are a prophetic vision of the future that is given to Daniel for the sake of God’s people.  The prophecy that is revealed in this section provides a detailed glimpse of the future from the time of Daniel all the way up to the end of the world when Jesus returns to establish His kingdom.  The setting for Daniel 12 is the ‘time of the end,’ a phrase that is used several times in the final two chapters of the book. Upon reading the verses that make up this final chapter of Daniel, it seems obvious to the reader that the theme is the end of the age.  In fact, the Hebrew word ‘end’ is used 10 times in the last two chapters.  Daniel is being shown what will happen at the time of the end.  According to Daniel 12, it will be a time of future tribulation, as well as a final separation.  It will also be a time of divine preservation, as well as a time of personal consolation.